Sunday, 5 May 2013

Mumbai ongoing construction projects

Construction projects comprise accumulation of infrastructure with the assistance of civil engineering, architecture and human multitasking. A project becomes successful while a group of expert very efficiently executing an effective planning with proper budget management. Basically the construction projects are of four types – Commercial building construction, Industrial construction, Residential Building construction and Heavy Civil construction. Mumbai being India's financial and commercial capital serves as an economic hub of the country. Mumbai Ongoing Construction Projects It is also the most populous city and consists of skilled, unskilled, semi-skilled workforce. Mumbai houses headquarters of maximum of India's prime television and satellite networks, as well as its important publishing houses, the IT sectors, export-import services and outsourcing sectors. This megacity is the heart of Hindi and Marathi cinemas. So to make room for all these growing industries Mumbai needs updated infrastructure from time to time. Mumbai is in the midst of cluster of ongoing construction projects. All four types of Construction projects -- commercial building construction, Industrial construction, Residential Building construction and Heavy Civil construction– are in high demand in this city. These Mumbai Ongoing Construction Projects are not only profitable to an investor but it generates employment also. Commercial Building Construction Projects: Ongoing Projects Mumbai houses the headquarters of several important sectors and rooms for more toddler industries, there is always need for commercial building construction projects. So many factors are involved in these ongoing projects Mumbai - from tender calling to agreement between two companies on terms and conditions of the project, from land acquisition to take proper care of ecological balance, from proper planning to budget management, from proper use of human resource to use of unadulteratedbuilding materials. Industrial construction: Industrial constructions are lined up in the bordering areas of Mumbai.There are two type of projects – 1)new factories, mills, workshop are built and 2) renovation process of existing work house, factories or mills. Residential Building construction: In present time major Mumbai Ongoing Construction Projects are Real Estate projects. Real Estate investing is the most profitable business today. Ongoing Residential Project in Mumbai To invest for a part of land or housing is always fruitful. As market value of land is increasing so that the price of real estates. Residential building construction is a part of this Real Estate business. Heavy Civil construction: Heavy Civil Constructions are mainly government projects that consistof mainly building of roads, road bridges, sea bridges, tunnels etc. These ongoing projects Mumbai are most of the time done by collaborating with private sector construction companies.